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Golden Monkey

Review - Victory Brewing's Golden Monkey Tripel

"Enchanting and enlightening, this golden, frothy ale boasts an intriguing herbal aroma, warming alcohol esters on the tongue and light, but firm body to finish. Exotic spices add subtle notes to both the aroma and flavor. Strong, sensual and satisfying." -- Victory Brewing

We were very fortunate to have a Belgian on hand to review this Begian Tripel. Ignace provided a considerable amount of insight, as he was able to compare it to true Belgian Tripels brewed in their homeland. This one pours a dark yellow color with an average, fizzy white head. Virtually no lacing behind a mostly diminishing head. Small particles in the somewhat opaque body. Aroma is of peach, mandarin orange, and alcohol. Initial taste is lightly acidic, with a light sweet finish that hangs around for a bit. Light on the mouth, it leaves an oily mouthfeel with fizzy carbonation.

Reviewer's notes: "Would have more carbonation from a 9%'er in Belgium, too pronounced, expect this from an 11%, not patient enough, overwhelming, no subtlety, too strong, not well-rounded, almost there but not quite, very close to being an exquisitely great beer, just needs a bit more balance"

Reviewed on August 29th, 2006 with MB and the Flying Flem

Type:Belgian Tripel
Source:22 oz. Bottle

Official Victory Brewing website