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Hop Devil

Review - Victory Brewing's Hop Wallop

"Horace ‘Hop’ Wallop headed West a broken man. For it was a certain Miss LuLubelle Lager that had left him, thirsting for more. Drawn by wild tales of the riches of the gold mines, Hop pressed on westward. His last nickel spent on a prospecting pan, Hop's hunger and thirst got the best of him. Two fistfuls o' barley and three of some wild and wayward hops tossed in the pan with some clear water was to be his meal. But sleep overcame him and he woke to a bubbling, cacophonous concoction. Overjoyed with the beautiful ale that he had made, Hop realized the secret of the 'green gold' he had discovered in those fresh hops. Celebrated far and wide, Hop Wallop lives on in this vivid ale with his words, "hoppiness is happiness." As our annual homage to the fresh hop harvest, Hop Wallop is a fragrant experience that delights the tastebuds. Pure gold of color, this ale offers its heady bounty of hops to the adventurous of taste. Bold, bracing and surprisingly refreshing for a strong (8.5% a.b.v.) ale, Hop Wallop lives up to its name and legacy." -- Victory Brewing

This was a milestone review for us, as it was the 50th one we've done. The Hop Wallop pours a moderate yellow color with an average, fizzy white head. Loose, watery lacing slides up and down the glass as we swirl the glass. Clear body with a modicum of carbonation rising up to the head. Aroma is of moderate strength hops with resiny pine and spruce notes. Initial flavor is heavy bitter, gradually reducing to a medium bitter by the finish, which is dry with lively carbonation. Watery body, it has gentle carbonation and a slightly dry texture. Considering the higher alcohol percentage and the aggressive nature of the hops, its surprisingly balanced with a decent malt character.

Reviewed on February 26th, 2006. Re-reviewed on January 3rd, 2008.

Source:12 oz. Bottle

Official Victory Brewing website