For the Love of Beer

Back on the bar stool again, well sorta

  Hello craft beer world! In an attempt to rejoin my fellow beer bloggers, I sit on my deck, mid morning (glass of water, not beer, near by) to try my hand at “napblogging.” No I’m not sleep-typing. My little one is snoozing and so I, neglecting all household chores AND the beach, sit blogging on […]

#BBC16: Bringing our local beer to you!

One of the great parts of @beerbloggers #BBC16 will be the night of many bottles. This is an on-going conference tradition where bloggers from every corner of the map eagerly share beers from their locals with one another. This is a fantastic opportunity to try beers that you will probably never get in your neck of […]

TOP 10 reason’s why you should attend BBC15

I’ve been thinking long and hard over the past month or so about what kind of post BBC14 blog I would write. I’ve read great pieces from so many bloggers that came back from BBC14 inspired about all things beer. I too am inspired each time I sit at a conference table, learning about some […]

For The Love of Beer, Brew! #2

Had I only known that a yeast starter would have saved me… Pitching one tube of yeast with an OG of 1.090 is a not a good idea, but pitching a tube of yeast that is dead…you get the idea. I ended up saving the batch by pitching three packets of US-05; I probably could have […]
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