Homebrew competition

Homebrew: The Bruery batch 300 Homebrew Competition

#homebrew, #batch300, @TheBruery Homebrew Contest In celebration of The Bruery’s continued growth, the incredible support from our fans across the country and our humble beginnings as homebrewers ourselves, we will be holding out third ever homebrew competition; this one set to determine our 300th batch. The first place recipe of our homebrew competition will be […]

Homebrewing: Winners of the NERHBC have been announced

4th Annual NERHBC (New England Regional Homebrew Competition) took place on October 24th 2009 in Portland-Maine. The New England Regional Homebrew Competition continues to grow every year. In 2008, over 290 entries, from 20 states were entered, and we were able to raise $2,200 for the American Cancer Society. In 2009, 343 entries were sampled […]

Results of the Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competition

Last Saturday, the 2009 Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competition was held in Topsfield, MA. Hosted by the Northshore Homebrewers (in which I am a member), a group of avid homebrewers gathered to judge entries from all across the country. There were 146 homebrew entries in total, separating into the 17 different categories (as designed by the […]

2009 Boston Wort Homebrew Competition Results

On Saturday, I participated as a judge for the Boston Wort Homebrew competition. The judging started around 9:00 and lasted a good part of the day.  During the first round, judged some of the Bocks and IPA’s during the second round.  There were about 20-30 judges in attendance from Mass/RI/NH homebrew clubs. During the competition […]

Beer Summit, Vengeance du Gros Homme, and Patriot Homebrew competition

Update on What’s been going on… Beer Summit 2009 – Winter Jubilee On Saturday – January 17th, Ryan – Amber and I took the train to Boston. Yeah, we decided to go into Boston on the coldest day of the year — but we had a good reason: The Beer Summit – Winter Jubilee. Due […]

2008 Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competition Results

The Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competition too place last Saturday. Ryan and I attended the second half of the day and worked as stuards/guest judges. We stayed around for the Best of Show, where a Berliner Weiss was selected as the best brewed to the BJCP style guidlines. Berliner Weissbier Description: Berliner Weisse is a top-fermented, […]
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