2019 Beer Now – General Musings Day 2

Great Falls, Malt-tanna – Home of the Golden Triangle Running thoughts from Day 2 at the 2019 Beer Now Conference Never Write a “Brewery Profile” Story Again | Jess Baker, Editor-in-Chief of What makes a story stand out? Be Difference? “Share stories of people who inspire your writing”. Not all stories are different nor […]

2019 Beer Now Conference – Agenda Day 2

Great Falls, Montana – Home of the Live Mermaid Show 9:00 – 11:00 AM  Four 30-minute sessions Never Write a “Brewery Profile” Story Again | Jess Baker, Editor-in-Chief of  Podcasting in the Craft Beer World: An Untapped Opportunity | Chris Luecke, Pubcast Worldwide:  Don’t be Afraid to Diversify as a Beer Writer | Jeff Cioletti, Re-imagining Beer: […]

2019 Beer Now – General Musings

Great Falls, Montana – Celebrating Great Falls Beer Week Here are some general notes from Day 1 of the Beer Now Conference. Why Great Falls? Lewis and Clarke spent some time here. “The Lewis and Clark Expedition from May 1804 to September 1806, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the first American […]

2019 Beer Now – Hash Tags

Hey Beer Now Friends, If you head over to, you may have some troubles locating the #HashTag for this year’s conference. Here are some suggestions: #Beernow19 #BeerNow #VisitGreatFalls If you’re looking to have some fun, I recommend adding these also: #BeerMeow (why not) #BeerNowandLater #BBC19 (For the OG’s) Stay tuned for more #BeerNow19 fun. […]

Great Falls Craft Beer Week

Great Falls Craft Beer Week was founded in 2018 by the 3 breweries located in Great Falls, Montana (Mighty Mo Brewing, The Front Brewing, and Jeremiah Johnson Brewing) and the Downtown Great Falls Association in order to help educate the community about the growing craft beer industry. The 2019 GF Craft Beer Week started June […]
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