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2019 Beer Now – General Musings Day 2

Great Falls, Malt-tanna – Home of the Golden Triangle

Running thoughts from Day 2 at the 2019 Beer Now Conference

Jess Baker – Editor-in-Chief of
  • Never Write a “Brewery Profile” Story Again | Jess Baker, Editor-in-Chief of
    • What makes a story stand out? Be Difference?
    • “Share stories of people who inspire your writing”. Not all stories are different nor interesting.
  • Podcasting in the Craft Beer World. Chris Leuke
  • You don’t have to live on beer alone: An experiment in diversification. Jeff Cioletti
    • Coming out soon: “Drink like a geek”
    • There are approximately 2,000 craft distillers in USA.
    • There are 300-400 craft breweries that are also distilling.
    • “Don’t expect to get rich, when writing a book. Expect to cry a lot, when you see the royalty statement.”
    • Sake Brewers Association of North America –
  • ReImagining Beer: Crafting a new voice for the industry. Zachary Rosen
    • All beer recipe starts with a though. Need to think about what you are going to brew, before you get started.
    • We experience beer through all our senses. It’s not just the beer in the glass, but it’s everything else that’s happening at the same time.

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