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No Beer Left Behind

No Beer Left Behind

No Beer Left Behind. That is our simple philosophy here at 2 Beer Guys. We've had some bad beers in our day, but no matter how bad it is, we've never left any in the glass. We have held this belief since we started drinking beer, and still hold onto it today.

It's simple. Someone, somewhere, put in a lot of effort to make that beer. Our campaign is about recognizing and appreciating that effort by not letting any of that work go to waste.

No Beer Left Behind, or NBLB, is making a difference every day.

Craft beer consumption is one of the most important functions of life. It was a concern of the early settlers, and a focus of the Founding Fathers in writing the Constitution precisely because our democracy is dependent on enjoying quality beer. The Founders did not want beer consumption for the elite or for the many. They wanted it for all. John Adams once exclaimed: "Beer for every class and rank of people down to the lowest and the poorest."

The Founding Fathers were correct: Beer consumption is necessary for the growth and prosperity of our country. As beer has become more inclusive and of better quality, it has enhanced American economic and political leadership.

Recognizing the universal importance of quality beer, we assume the task of ensuring that no beer is ever left behind. Please join us in this fight.

No Wounded Beers