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How we score

So, how exactly do we go about reviewing the beers anyway? Well, it's definitely not an exact science.

We use a standard tasting form that helps define appearance, aroma, flavor, and palate. Basically, it outlines the look, smell, taste and feel of the beer. Unless otherwise noted, all of our reviews are from bottled beer which we then pour into a glass. Eventually, we hope to have two separate reviews for many of the beers we've had, by visiting the breweries and testing the beers fresh from the tap.

We pour the beer, observe the color of both the beer and the head, look for lacing (the residue that the head leaves behind), and the consistency of the head. Possible consistencies would be frothy, creamy and fizzy. We then take a few deep breaths through the nose right over the beer to try and pick out any smells that stand out. Is there a signficant hop presence, as you would find in an IPA? Is it malty like a stout? After that, we take a big sip of the brew and swirl it around in our mouths, making sure it hits all of our taste buds. Is it bitter? sweet? acidic? We also take note of how long that flavor lasts. Finally, how does the beer leave our mouths feeling? Is it dry or creamy, oily or watery? Is there a heavy residue, or is it light?

After all that, we just enjoy the rest of the beer!