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Harpoon’s Firth of Forth – 100 Barrel Series

Harpoon - Firth of the Fourth

Last evening,Ian and I reviewed the latest 100 barrel series beer from Harpoon. It is named “Firth of the Fourth” and the guest brewer was Steve Stewart.“Medium bodied with a bit of water but mostly creamy texture, barely there carbonation, it drinks like a cask ale. Leaves the mouth on cloud nine.” Please check out the rest of the review.


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We have invited guest brewer, Steve Stewart, to brew the 22nd installment of Harpoon’s limited edition line of beers. The story of Harpoon’s Steve Stewart’s Firth of Forth Ale began at Harpoon a decade ago.

Back in 1998 a young Scottish brewer named Steve Stewart crossed the big pond and came to Harpoon in Boston as part of a brewery intern exchange program. Steve apprenticed at Harpoon for a couple months then took his new-found appreciation of American craft beer back to his full-time brewing job at a large Irish brewery. After some time, Steve decided to return to his birthplace – Scotland – and open his own microbrewery.

Steve Stewart’s Firth of Forth Ale is a dark Scottish ale that combines the best of the Scottish traditional malts with American grown hops. The result is a beer with a malty, roasted character that has caramel notes and a hint of chocolate without being too sweet.


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