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Own a share of Boston Beer Company – Great Gift Idea

Here’s something that a friend suggested to us… It’s a really cool gift idea for someone you love. Decorate their man cave with a share of Boston Beer Company.



Drink Craft Beer, You’ve Earned It!! offers Sam Adams lovers everywhere single shares of stock and an accompanying stock certificate that visually represents this one-of-a-kind beer. A custom-framed, personally engraved stock certificate makes a great mantelpiece behind any home-bar or man cave. In fact, you can see the certificate online.

The scrollwork on the Boston Beer Stock Certificate is uniquely etched with pictures of barley and hops. No beer connoisseur’s wall is complete without this classic piece of memorabilia.

About the Boston Beer Company
Owning one share of Boston Beer Stock is truly unique. The Boston Beer Company, well-known brewers of the family of Samuel Adams beers, distinguishes itself from other craft brewing companies through its variety and depth of selection. The regular introduction of new seasonal brews keeps customers loyal despite the recent proliferation of upstart microbreweries across the nation. In fact, Boston Beer sells more than the next five microbrewers combined, over a million barrels of lager, ales and cider every year.


OneShare does offer a ‘Share of the Month’ that showcases a unique stock certificate monthly throughout the year. While WalMart was featured in July, discounted McDonald’s stock certificates are offered in August . OneShare also offers some great specials on Sirius Satellite and the World Poker Tour, among others. You can check out all those specials at

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