Sam Adams and Weihenstephan collaboration available spring 2010

Are you ready for a Samstephan or a Weihenadams? Boston Beer Co., maker of Samuel Adams, has announced their collaboration brew with Weihenstephan brewery, located in Germany. The beer, to be named later, will be marketed in Germany and the USA next spring.

This collaboration is two years in the making, but a final decision on the name has yet to be made public. A stronger beer, projected to be 10% in ABV (alcohol by volume), a decision has been made to package this brew in bottles with corks rahter than metal caps.

Weihenstephan logo

Fun Facts:

  • Weihenstephan brewery is located in the state of Bavaria, Germany.
  • Weihenstephan brewery was started by monks sometime around 1040.
  • Weihenstrephan brewery strictly adhere’s to the purity brewing law named Reinheitsgebot. This law was set in page in 1516, requiring all beers to be brewed with only three ingredients: water, malt, and hops. After the discovery of yeast, it was added as the 4th ingredient.

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