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Top 10 Gift ideas to purchase for a Beer Lover (part 1)

As Cyber Monday is almost over, let the real holiday shopping begin.  With 24 shopping days left until Christmas,  here are some ideas for that hard to shop for beer fan:

Brew-opoly board game

10 ) BREW-OPOLY – Everyone’s played Monopoly, but have YOU played BREW-OPOLY? It’s beer game for the whole family!!

Play along with your favorite breweries, such as Rogue Brewery in Oregon, Brooklyn Brewery and Middle Ages Brewing in New York, New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado, and many many more…

You will blow away your friends when they see this one!  Makes such a great gift!  A Game For People Who Like To Drink Beer!

Cost: Approx $25.00

(The Ale Street News currently has this product for sale on their website.  Please click here; if you would like to purchase Brewopoly.)

9 ) Beer of the Month Club
Frosty Beer Glass

Do you know a friend that loves beer? Do they ever have a hard time picking out a new beer to try? If so, a Beer of the Month Club membership might be the best gift ever.

Get the gift for a boyfriend, finance, husband, uncle or someone random for the office party gift swap.

Cost: Typically ranges about $33-$35 dollars a month.

Places to order:

A beer of the month club will send twelve bottes of beer every month.  Most clubs will send 4 different beers from different microbreweries all across the country.  If craft beers are someone new, this is the best gift for you!!

(I’ve received the gift of the Beer of the month and fully enjoyed it!!)

8 ) Beer Magazine Subscription:

Stay up to date with the latest beer news by subscribing to a beer magazine.   There are many different magazines that you can subscribe to.  Check them out below and see which one works for you.

Beer Advocate Magazine
Beer Advocate Magazine – 12 issues per year, normally costs about 48 dollars. Subscribe today for $29.99.

BeerAdvocate magazine is the only monthly beer magazine of its kind that’s dedicated to beer! Join us each month as we advocate beer through a our unique exploration of beer style, culture, and respect.

Draft Magazine
Draft Magazine – 6 issues per year, costs about $20 per year.

America’s Favorite Beer Magazine containing beer news, food and beer parings, and information about your favorite beverage.

Ale Street News
Ale Street News – 6 issues per year, costs about $20 per year.

Starting in 1992, Ale Street News is the most widely circulated beer newspaper in America.

Yankee Brewing News
Yankee Brew New – 6 issues per year, costs about $20 per year. Seven different local magazines to choose from. Subscribe to 1 region or to all.

All About Beer Magazine

All About Beer Magazine – 6 issues per year, costs about $20 per year (US residents).
For over a quarter of a century, All About Beer Magazine has been the leading voice for beer enjoyment and appreciation. The articles and reviews have introduced thousands of beer lovers to the wide range of beer profiles and brands.

Beer Connoisseur Magazine
Beer Connoisseur Magazine – 4 issues per year – plus 1-year online, costs $21.00.

The Beer Connoisseur Magazine Beer Culture Defined. First issue arrived this week.

(Stay tuned for the rest of the top 10 list!!)


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