Gardner Ale House – Spring Beer Dinner Is Announced! (Updated w/ Menu)

Gardner Alehouse

Spring Beer Dinner – “Americana” Theme

5 Beers, 5 Courses, 50 People, $50, Such a deal

When: Thursday, April 29, 6 PM
Where: Gardner Ale House, Gardner MA
Cost: $50
Menu:(updated 4/26/10)

Feeling patriotic? It’s not like we ran out of ideas for beer dinners, it’s just that this one seemed very timely. I don’t even know why. But I have to admit that I felt pretty good when I told people I bought my new fermentation tank from an outfit in Indiana – only to find out it was made in China. All this America stuff starts to grow on you. I like it here and I like the food, wicked like. So here’s what we came up with. You are going to love it.

Beer Dinner Menu – Americana

  • Course – 1 (Chair City Pale Ale with Lemon Dill Cucumber Salad): A salad of cucumber, radishes, red onion, sliced cherry tomatoes lightly marinated in lemon dill vinaigrette and topped with creamy dill & sour cream dressing.
  • Course – 2 (Faceoff Double IPA and Bison Kabobs): Yogurt & onion marinated bison kabobs skewered with veggies and served with a trio of barbecue sauces: cola, cracked black pepper & mustard & whiskey, red apple & ketchup
  • Course – 3 (Vienna Lager and Meatloaf): Meatloaf and garlic purple mashed potatoes
  • Course – 4 (Oma’s Altbier and Fried Chicken): Fried Chicken served with green apple coleslaw and biscuits and a special, not found anywhere else in the world, dipping sauce.
  • Course – 5 (Chocolate Porter and Banana Split): Banana Split with Chocolate Porter sauce and three ice creams. We’ll see which ice creams are homemade and which are bought.

To make reservations, call: (978) 669-0122

(From by Rick Walton – via the Gardner Alehouse newsletter)

We wrestled mightily over this one. You might think I run this joint, but I have women to contend with and I’m always getting knocked about. Finally, I have somewhat prevailed. We are choosing an Americana theme and have settled on the April 29th date.

We are working on a menu, but are not yet ready to publish. But as you can imagine, Americana is what we all know and love. However, when we do it here, it’s amp’d up all the way. Watch out. America never had it like this!

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