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Beer Event – 2nd Anniversary Celebration at the Bruery (California)

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2ND ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION at the Bruery in Placentia, California

It’s the Bruery’s second anniversary. Come celebrate with the Bruery on May 22nd and 23rd. Try a variety of beers and enjoy food by Beachwood BBQ. Be the first to get a bottle of “Cotton”, a special 2nd Anniversary Ale.

Come join us in celebrating our second year of brewing experimental and Belgian-style beers!

The celebration will be split into four, 3 hour sessions:

  • Session #1: Saturday, May 22nd, 12 PM – 3 PM
  • Session #2: Saturday, May 22nd, 4 PM – 7 PM
  • Session #3: Sunday, May 23rd, 12 PM – 3 PM
  • Session #4: Sunday, May 23rd, 4 PM – 7 PM

We’ll be serving a wide variety of Bruery ales including Melange #3, Oude Tart, Humulus Rice, Seven Grain Saison as well as Coton, our second anniversary ale that has been aging in oak barrels and clocks in at 14.5% ABV.

Each attendee will be given 10 tasting tickets, which will be redeemed for 2-5 oz. of beer, depending on the strength and rarity of the beer. No additional tasting tickets may be purchased.

Each session will also feature food catered by Seal Beach’s Beachwood BBQ including their legendary fried pickles and slow smoked meats as well as Belgian waffles, artisan cheeses, cured olives and other snacks.

Cotton - from The Bruery

Anticipated Tap List:

  • Orchard White
  • Saison Rue
  • Mischief
  • Rugbrød
  • Hottenroth Berliner Weisse
  • Saison De Lente
  • Trade Winds Tripel
  • Coton
  • 100% Barrel Aged Coton
  • Melange No. 3
  • Melange No. 5 – DBJW (Very limited)
  • Melange No. Sechs
  • Oude Tart
  • Humulus Lager
  • Humulus Rice
  • Humulus Gold
  • Seven Grain Saison

Admission is $40 per person. To place an order, go to , sign in, and click on the Anniversary Celebration tab on the left.

About the Bruery:

A small craft brewery located in Orange County, California. Our simple but often confusing name is a fusion of ‘brewery’ with our family name, Rue.

Our calling is to create beers with character and depth using the simplest and purest of means. We do not filter or pasteurize our beers. All of our bottled beers gain carbonation through bottle conditioning, allowing carbonation to naturally occur through a secondary bottle fermentation. We strive to use unconventional ingredients, and we will proudly state what we put in our beers.

We enjoy serving you, your friends and your family.

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