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Beer Event: Third Annual Saint BOTOLPH’S FEAST Day Pub Crawl 6/17 (MA)

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Saint Botolph's


If you’ve ever read a bottle of Saint Botolph’s Town, you know that Boston is named after the 8th century saint by the name of “Botolph”. Known as the patron saint of travellers, old Saint Botolph will no doubt look over us and perhaps cast his blessings as we “travel” pub to pub in celebration of his feast day.

Come join us Friday, June 17th!

This year we’re moving our Botolph’s crawl to Cambridge. Why not celebrate that fine city of Boston and it’s patron saint from across the Charles? Okay, it may be slightly ridiculous but that’s the way it’s going to be!

  • 3:30 meet at Mead Hall, Kendall Square
  • 4:30 Cambridge Brewing Company
  • 5:30 Lord Hobo, Hampshire Street
  • 6:30 Atwood’s Tavern, Cambridge Street
  • 7:30 Bukowski’s Tavern, Cambridge Street
  • 8:30 Trina’s Starlight Lounge

On an event like this times are slightly changeable (especially as the evening goes on). So please consider adding “or so” to all times!

Follow us @prettybeer on Twitter for location updates as the day marches on.

See you there, or if not there, then somewhere, soon!

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