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Blue Moon Brewing Co sets plans for the Blue Moon in 2012

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Lunar Blue Moon Inspires Unique Collaboration at Blue Moon Brewing Co.

Year-Long Campaign to Culminate with New Consumer-Inspired, Artfully Crafted Beer on Aug. 31, 2012

DENVER – One year from today, a blue moon will shine in the sky and a new beer from Blue Moon Brewing Company will be on shelves. But the latest creation won’t come solely from the minds of Blue Moon brewmasters Keith Villa and John Legnard. Through the Craft the Next Blue Moon program, consumers will help guide the brewing process, resulting in a new, limited-edition beer on Aug. 31, 2012, the date of the next blue moon.

Throughout the next twelve months, people aged 21 or older can visit to voice their opinion on beer styles, ingredients, packaging designs and names. Based on the suggestions, Blue Moon will craft three unique beers. Fans will then have the chance to sample the contenders and vote on their favorite at tasting events across the country. Blue Moon will announce the winning beer in March 2012, and will brew the final product in time to propose a toast to the blue moon on Aug. 31, 2012.

Lunar Blue Moon

“We love hearing from our fans and we value their input,” said Blue Moon brewmaster Keith Villa. “So I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a blue moon than with a new beer inspired by Blue Moon drinkers. I like to think of this as the world’s largest collaboration brew!”

A blue moon is defined as the second full moon in a calendar month. Because two full moons occurring within one calendar month is rare, the term “blue moon” is often used to describe uncommon events.

Blue Moon Belgian White was inspired by the Belgian beers Villa enjoyed while earning his Ph.D. in Brewing from Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. The beer got its name in 1995 at an informal tasting in Denver when someone exclaimed, “Something this good only comes around once in a blue moon!” and thus, Blue Moon Belgian White Ale and Blue Moon Brewing Company were born.

In the coming months, legal-drinking age consumers can learn more about Crafting the Next Blue Moon and join other fans in the brewing process by visiting The final consumer-inspired brew will be available in Blue Moon Fall Brewmaster Sampler Packs beginning Aug. 31, 2012.

About Blue Moon Brewing Company:
At Blue Moon Brewing Company everything we do flows from our artistic approach to brewing. We craft our beers with flavorful ingredients and wheat for an inviting taste and a smooth finish that is perfect for enjoying the moment with friends. It’s been that way since we added our first flavorful twist back in 1995 in Denver, Colorado. And that’s why we say our beer and everything we do is artfully crafted. More information is available at

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