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Beer Enthusiasts Put a new Twist on the Craft Beer Market.‏

Buffalo, New York based design and development group ‘early-humans’ are excited to announce the release of their first App, available now for your iPhone and iPad. ‘Today’s Beer’ offers to be ‘your daily beer inspiration’, presenting one unique craft brew every single day.

‘The app, is purposely simple in both its design and concept’ says App interface designer Kyle Morrissey. Yet, the group has found a way to bring a simple idea like this to life in a unique way, offering complete 360 degree views of each bottle. ‘Users can choose to load the 360 degree view and interact with each bottle’ says Matt Riggio who is heading up the social media efforts for the group. ‘This allows someone to get a real sense of the bottle, admire the label artwork, read any details printed on the bottle, while having a little fun.’

Each bottle is beautifully photographed on a piece of reclaimed barn-board, in a setting that falls to black, providing a vivid environment to explore information about the beer. Each beer also has a ‘Pint View’ that allows you to see the color of the beer after its been poured. The striking photography is definitely something that sets this app apart from other beer apps. It can be especially appreciated on the iPad where beer bottles come in just under actual size, and even the smallest type on a label is legible.

The simplicity of the App interface and photography are executed in a way that allow the user to focus on the distinct label designs, and the uncommon bottle types of each beer. ‘As beer enthusiasts we recognize and appreciate a well designed label in the same way we enjoy the subtleties and unique qualities of the beer itself,’ says ‘early-human’ Caleb Huck.

While the guys recognize that this App might not be for everyone, the group sees it as a way to embrace something that they’re truly passionate about—while presenting an opportunity for others to be exposed to the incredible depth of the craft beer movement. ‘We have created something that we are all very proud of, and we couldn’t be happier to start to share it with people.’

Many of the beers that have been featured in the app, have been purchased in Buffalo. ‘Its been increasingly easier to get your hands on good craft beer these days’—this has everything to do with its growing popularity. We have seen our local grocery store (Wegmans) devote an entire back wall to beer, while smaller beer stores (The Village Beer Merchant) have opened in vibrant neighborhoods like Elmwood Avenue. Places that have been around for awhile (Premier Gourmet and Consumers) have increased their selection of beer, and even our corner gas station has started selling ‘mix-sixers’ and growlers.

‘The hope is that with an increasing number of ways to find craft beer—people might just be looking for something that will help them decide which beer to try next.’ says App developer Chris Morrissey. So, If you like craft beer, and would like to support some entrepreneurs in the field — Download the app on the App store today. Don’t forget to tell your friends, rate the App, and enjoy responsibly.

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