Beer Advent Calendar – Day 3: Cisco Brewers Winter Shredder presented by Ryan Jansen

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Beer Advent Calendar – Day 3: Cisco Brewers Winter Shredder presented by Ryan Jansen

To celebrate the Holiday Season, and have teamed up with beer bloggers around the country to host the second annual beer bloggers advent calendar. This is the season of sharing and we intend to share our love of beer with you. 31 Bloggers Blogging – click here for the running list of beers/bloggers. Let’s see who is spreading holiday cheer today!


Blogger: Ryan Jansen
Blog Name: 2beerguys


Twitter: @thirstynobeard
Facebook: ryanjansen
Untappd: rkjansen
Instagram: ryanjansen
Beer: Winter Shredder
Brewery: Cisco Brewers | Nantucket Island, MA @CiscoBrewers
Beer Details:
Style: Spice Beer
ABV: 6.0%

Commercial Description:

Gnar-Gnar Lumpkin, the shreddingist snowman this side of Nantucket Sound, likes nothing better than catching a wave on his board…a Cisco wave that is, cold, fresh, and wicked cool! Get mad shacked with the Shredder and have yourself a merry little winter.

Why I selected Winter Shredder:
Snowmen want in on the Action too… You guys only think of me when it’s just snowed six inches. You finished shoveling and the kids want you to build them a snowman but you could not be bothered. It’s not nice words you invoked under your breath either. After the kids made me, I light my corn cob pipe, grabbed a board and caught some waves.

When I think of the Christmases I loved as a child, it was chilly out and there was snow on the ground to use my sled. So the snowman with a surf board from @CiscoBrewers just seemed a fitting choice.

Gnar-Gnar Lumpkin and Buddy


It pours a medium brown hue with a beautifully colored tan head. The thin head is long lasting, still evident 15 minutes after the pour. Lacing is moderate leaving evidence of the head on the glass. Due to a sneezing fit, my nose is not up to par but it does detect dark roasty (yes I said roasty) malts and the subtlety of a nutty toffee along with some coffee and raisins. Despite the noted presence of alcohol with each sip, Shredder’s bitterness leaves its lasting mark for my tongue to enjoy between sips. Overall, the spices are enjoyable but not overdone leaving me wishing there was more in my glass. Prost!

About brewery:

Cisco Brewers is a brewery, distillery, and winery on Nantucket Island. Cisco was founded by Randy and Wendy Hudson and remains the only brewery on the island. The brewery began making beer in 1995 and is a part of  the Cisco Brewers, Nantucket Vineyard and Triple Eight Distillery family. Check Out



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