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Oh, the People You’ll Meet!

If I’ve learned anything about craft beer over the last eight years, it’s that craft beer isn’t just about the beer.

In the beginning, our scramble was to get our hands on as many craft beers as we could. With them in hand, we documented them, reviewed them, and catalogued them. But it wasn’t long before things changed. Our tastings grew larger, as we invited more and more friends to participate. We began discussing the beers with friends, who we discovered had immensely different palates than ours, and this was a good thing. We quickly began sharing the beers with as many people as we could, wanting to not only elicit their feedback, but also to share the experience with them.

It wasn’t long before we wanted to expand our audience. We began teaching classes at a local beer store, reaching out to the local beer community every month to share our experiences and what we’d learned. These seminars eventually led us to spearhead North Shore Beer Week and Portsmouth Beer Week.

The continual theme in our progression, in concert with the beer, has been people.

Craft beer is as much about the community that is comprised of its people as it is about the beer itself. With this in mind, American Craft Beer Week is really a celebration of people. The people who make the beer, serve the beer, sell the beer, and drink the beer. Cheers to each and every one of you who we’ve crossed paths with at some point, or will cross paths with in the future.

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