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PINTLEY: Joining great beer, beer folks and cool venues!


Would you like to get invites to cool beer release parties? Sign up for Pintley!   Here’s the official description of the app!

“Pintley is a craft beer community connecting drinkers, brewers, and bars. Drinkers use Pintley to discover great beer. Pintley learns from your tastes, suggests beers you’ll love, and invites you to free local beer tastings where you can try them. Brewers and bars use Pintley to grow sales. Pintley’s craft beer events help bar managers fill their bars on slow nights, while helping brewery reps gain and keep draft lines.”  The team is based out of Boston, MA.

Lets Go!


Jack Lives Here.


Cheers to Tyler and his great beer!


I recently attended a Pintley event at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. I had received an e-mail from them about a new experimental single-hopped single batch beer release by Brewmaster Jack, a small Northampton, MA brewery.

Great group of gals I met at the event!


I had never had the pleasure of trying any of the Tyler’s beers so I was excited to head to Tommy Doyle’s and check it out! It was a solo trip for me and I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive to go to a beer event and not know a single soul. My doubts were quickly dispelled when I walked in and was immediately greeted by Rich, one of the Pintley team members.

Pretty Pints!


Taking over The Crimson Lounge at Tommy Doyle’s


Cheers to Pintley, Brewmaster Jack, my new found pals and Tommy Doyle’s!


My successes of the evening…

I went to an event alone and felt extremely welcome. I met the super talented, Tyler Guilmette, owner and brewer of Brewmaster Jack.  I made some fantastic new friends with whom I drank some great brews in a venue I had never been to. In short, I’d say the night was a success!

Go to to sign up! I’ll be attending another event tonight!!!

Peace, Love and Beer




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