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Local Homebrewing Competitions Calling for Entries (MA-RI)

If you are into homebrewing or just want to get started, here’s a change to show off your mad skillz.   These local homebrew competitions are great opportunities to receive feedback for you craft.

If you’re just getting into brewing and want to learn more, you can also sign up to be a steward for the event.  It’s a great opportunity to get your feet wet and learn more about homebrewing.

Homebrewers are the next craft brewers — Will you be the next brewer?  Here’s your chance to get started!

2015 Annual South Shore Brewoff, hosted by the South Shore Brew Club

Details: The South Shore Brew Club will be holding a homebrew competition on the 11th of April. Entries are due by March 27th.

Please see the website for all the details, at


20th Annual Boston Homebrew Competition, hosted by the Boston Wort Processors

Details: Entries are being accepting entries for the 20th Annual Boston Homebrew Competition. The competition date is May 2nd and entry registration is open until April 17th or until we hit 450 entries whichever comes first. We have hit our entry cap in the recent years and expect to do the same this year so please enter soon!

Please see the website for all the details, at


Ocean State Homebrew Competition, hosted by the Rhode Island Brewing Society.

Details: The competition will be held on Saturday May 16th & Sunday May 17th with registration for the event ending on May 1st. The entry drop off window begins on April 1st and continues until the registration end date.

Additional event information can be found on the competition site at

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