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Sometimes Less is More — Mott the Lesser

As politicians in Indiana and Arkansas are trying to figure out which end is up, the Southern Maine Beer Scene was a buzz! Tributary Brewing Company, a new local craft brewery, brought a massive crowd of 800+ craft beer fanatics to the coastal town of Kittery, Maine. Many of these fans waited 3+ hours for Tributary’s Russian Imperial Stout release.

With the release announcement only two weeks ago, the long awaited day had arrived. Mott the Lesser, a pun on “Kate the Great, is described as “her Imperial Highness is reincarnated. A rich, full-bodied, fudgy chocolate brownie-like elixir. Aged partially in an apple brandy barrel along with some port”. For a beer not having a publicly released name until today, Mott the Lesser already has 200+ check-ins on Untappd and a Beer Advocate user score of 95.


The overall excitement around this release is difficult to describe. It has been two years since Tod Mott’s departure from beloved Portsmouth Brewery and roughly seven months from the opening of Tributary Brewing Company. No one had tried this beer, but many were infatuated with the idea of the next “Kate the Great”.

Having built a cult following from his previous endeavors, Tributary Brewery/Owner Tod Mott is considered to be a local celebrity and hero by the local craft beer scene (and beyond). But, being a local celebrity can be tough. So much that in the past 24 months, Tod would be rich if he received a penny for every time he was asked “When are you opening?”, “Where will your brewery be located?”, “What will you be brewing?”,  and finally “Will you ever re-release your own version of Kate the Great?”. Today, the last of the questions was finally answered.

“So, I think we’re ready for the release of Tod’s Russian Imperial Stout!! Are you?”….

Working on past experiences and operating with a fantastic team, the Imperial Stout release day was based on the following guidelines:

Hours of business: 12 noon – 9 pm. Please, no dogs on release day (Katie won’t even be here!)

Here are our guidelines and policies publicly posted to help ensure everyone has a GREAT day:
Five-tab wristbands:

  • Two bottle limit per person while supplies last. No re-entry.
  • Two drafts per person while supplies last.
  • No substituting drafts for bottles, and vice versa.
  • One additional draft beer other than MtL may be purchased.
  • Stubs are voided if detached from wristband.
  • Maximum occupancy for guests is 145 people in the tasting room and tent at the same time.

Watershed Club Members (Kickstarter $500+ Donors):

  • May gain entry upon arrival pending max capacity level.
  • May enter with one guest.
  • Are eligible for complimentary glassware: one for $500 donors; two for $1,000 plus donors.
  • Request your glassware at the Merchandise Table.
  • Four seats at the bar are reserved for $2,500 donors; any others must give up their seat upon arrival of them.

Please observe the following:

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed outside the tasting room or tent area.
  • No smoking in the tent or tasting room.
  • Please do any beer trades off premise.

It’s no joke, but it is just beer!! Relax, have a RIS!
Thank you, the Staff of Tributary Brewing Co.


The group was a mixed bag of Craft Beer lovers, industry folks, and a few were there to pick up bottles for friends. For most of us, waiting in a 3 hour line for anything can be unpleasant.  Today however, friends hugged and high-fived, and new friends were made all there to get a taste of the good stuff and to support Tributary! We’d like to add that patrons were very respectful of each other when it came to “line jumping.” This craft beer couple didn’t even save each other spots in line!


mott-the-lesser-06 mott-the-lesser-08
Tent outside of the brewery  Check out the line!
mott-the-lesser-07 mott-the-lesser-09
Grilled Meats! Tod visiting the crowd!
mott-the-lesser-10 mott-the-lesser-11
View from the back Amber and Lisa!
mott-the-lesser-01 mott-the-lesser-02
Picture with a picture Picture with the real deal!
mott-the-lesser-04 mott-the-lesser-05

The days event brought attention to locals who were unaware that Kittery was home to a brewery. One man leaving the post office (which is right next door) was flabbergasted by the line. Later, an elderly couple pulled into the lot to ask what the commotion was. They also where unaware that the brewery existed and when Sean told them about the special bottle release the woman in the car replied, “With all this activity, one would have thought it was the president visiting!”

Today marked a major celebration for the local craft beer and that’s no April Fools joke!


Amber & Sean

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