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Day 12: Asheville Brewing Ninjabread Man Porter by Glenn Cutler and Dave Tollefsen

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To celebrate the Holiday Season, we have teamed up with beer bloggers and craft beer enthusiasts around the country to host the fifth annual beer advent calendar. This is the season of sharing and we intend to share our love of beer with you.

During the 31 days of December, we will be sharing our favorite regional/winter seasonals/holiday beers with the help from our fellow beer enthusiasts. We hope that you tune in every day, to hear our stories and share our holiday cheer.

Ninjabread Man pour

Asheville Brewing Ninjabread Man Porter

Blogger: Glenn Cutler and Dave Tollefsen – NCBeerGuys
Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: T: @ncbeerguys F: ncbeerguys IS: ncbeerguys

Beer: Ninjabread Man Porter
Brewery: Asheville Brewing Company – Asheville, NC
Twitter: @ashevillebrewin

ninjabreadCommercial Description:
The brewing team works closely with the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company chefs to hand-craft a concoction of fresh vanilla beans, toasted cinnamon sticks, raisins and caramelized ginger. This saliva-inducing syrup is then added to Asheville Brewing’s World Beer Cup gold medal winner and year-round flagship beer, Ninja Porter. The all fresh ingredients produce the insane taste sensation of a liquid gingerbread cookie in the seasonal Ninja Bread Man Porter, a beer that stealthily kicks like a Ninja at 5.6 percent ABV.

Beer Details:
-Style: Spiced Porter
-ABV: 5.6%
-IBU: 26
-Noteworthy Ingredients: vanilla beans, toasted cinnamon sticks, raisins and caramelized ginger

Why I selected the Asheville Brewing Ninjabread Man Porter:

The original Ninja Porter was one of our earliest beer promotions and both of us fell in love with the flavor and mouthfeel that it delivered. Last year Dave was in a bottle shop and noticed Ninjabread Man. Always on the lookout for new beers in North Carolina, he grabbed the bottle and saw that it was a winter version of the Ninja Porter. The problem with holiday ales is you’re just recovering from a season of pumpkin spice when another series of spices comes around. Just like pumpkin spice beers, the amount of spice in holiday ales varies greatly.

Ninjabread Man has a lot of spices but it’s not overwhelmed by them. It has the perfect balance to separate it from the original Ninja Porter but still imbibe that holiday taste. It’s definitely not one of the beers that’s appropriate to drink in the middle of July. Like with other spiced beers, you want to chill it, pour it and then let it sit and warm up to really bring out the flavors. This is a beer I look forward to getting each winter.

What would you pair with the Ninjabread Man Porter?

The spices work really well with turkey or ham. As a dessert beer, a raspberry or cherry cobbler would be amazing.

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