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News from the 2018 Beer Bloggers and writers conference

2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference – Loudoun County, VA.  August 10th and 11th.

The 2018 Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference has announced “Beer Now” conference.

The 2018 conference has come to a close and it wasn’t without some big news.   Founded in 2010, as the Beer Bloggers conference — and later changed to the Beer Bloggers and Writers conference— the conference has change it’s name again.     

The Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference became Beer Now in August 2018 based on the determination of our community that the previous name was not encompassing enough.

What is Beer Now?

In addition to beer bloggers and beer writers, Beer Now welcomes those communicating about beer via podcasts, photos, and video as well as industry members communicating about their own brands.
Our attendees are not only passionate about beer. They are energized by writing about, photographing, podcasting, and recording video about beer, breweries, and the people that make up the beer industry.

Hummmmm…. got it?  Beer Now.  Beer Now.  Beer Now.  (say it three times and it sticks, right?)

It makes sense.  As the market changes, you must adapt or move on.  And as technology continues to advance, so are the methods of communication.  The market of “influencers” are using multiple platforms, so why not be all inclusive?

Is blogging dead?

Does that mean blogging is dead?  No.  Blogging and the tools for blogging have been and are still easily acceptable.  Heck — many businesses have switched from traditional HTML designed/coded technologies for their website and now use WordPress (or something similar) for their website platform.

WHAT!!  WHY would businesses making the switch? Switching to the blogging type platform allows a business owner (of any size) to easily manipulate the content for their business.  Although some companies still use a partner to help built their website/platform, once it’s completed, it’s rather easy for their employees to update their content.  Much easier than before.

OK.  So back on topic.  Beer Blogging isn’t dead, but has adapted.  We’ve had to adapt.

Early on in our limited blogging history, we used the blogging platform to distribute information (press releases, new beer information, etc) on behalf of small, local, regional, breweries.  We shared our adventures and information about upcoming events.  We had intentions to be the “experts” of our back yard, but we found that there was a need for a wider area voice.  We focused on the breweries in our back yard, but we also shared news about regional and national breweries.

Also, when we started blogging, there were some roadblocks to getting your story heard.  You could hire a PR firm to distribute your story to their contacts at local and national press channels.  There was no guarantee that the story would be picked up.  And if you had a story last week and now a new story this week, you may not have the opportunity to have both stories shared.  Beer Blogging was one of the tools that broke down the barrier.   (Doesn’t mean that anyone will read it, but you are no longer without a platform to share to information.)

What are we up to?   Unfortunately, we haven’t been blogging regularly.  We talk about blogging all the time (we especially hear it from our wives).   It’s been a challenge to dedicate the time to sit down and write [But here I am now].   We are still going to brewfests and visiting breweries.   We share many of these these experiences on Instagram and facebook.   We are trying new beers and still homebrew judging when there is an opportunity.

SBL Podcast

I also had a great opportunity to be a part of the Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast (and a guest on other podcasts).   It was great.  We had a great crew and had the unique opportunity to interview some amazing guests.  Check out the past shows, on YouTube –

Portsmouth Beer Week

We are also involved with Portsmouth Beer Week —- which will turn 10 years old this year.   The 2019 Portsmouth Beer Week will be celebrating it’s 10th Annual Beer Week from February 23rd through March 4th.  It’s been a great boost to the local economy and brewery scene.

NH Craft Alliance

And last but not least, I work for a great wholesaler network (in NH) as the craft brand manager for the NH Craft Alliance.  I’ve had the opportunity to continue the passion and transform it into a day job.  If you’re looking for some help understanding NH, feel free to say hello.

Overall, I’m excited for Beer Now.  As the audience grows, so does the passion and excitement around beer.   And, as mentioned by the Zephyr Adventures crew, it will be great to hear communicators from other channels and how they use their platform.   



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