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Sam Adams Chocolate Bock is Back!!

Boston Beer company announced their Seasonal Chocolate Bock beer. It is sold in single bottles (probably 18-22oz bottles). It was first brewed in 2003. This beer isn’t too strong, coming in at 5.5% ABV, but expect the it to be medium in body and rich in chocolate.

I heard that it was releasing to stores, typically larger stores that sell specialty beers. Look for it soon and pick it up. The quantity is limited. I’d recommend picking up two. One to try now and another to hold on to and let it age a bit.

Here’s the Comercial description: About the beer

Samuel Adams partnered Felchlin, a renowned Swiss chocolatier, to develop a unique innovation, Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock. We started with a complex selection of carefully roasted malts combined with hand-selected Noble hops from Bavaria, the world’s oldest growing area. After using a centuries old brewing process, called Krausening, we slowly aged the beer on a bed of rare dark cocoa nibs from Felchlin, a renowned Swiss chocolatier. Known for their quality these wild cocoa nibs, harvested from the rainforest of Northern Bolivia, impart complex aromas and flavors of chocolate, honey and vanilla in the beer. The resulting beer, Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock, has a big, malty character that is combined with the subtle sweetness of chocolate, giving this brew a complex full-body taste with a velvety finish.

Tettnang-Tettnanger and Spalt hops were hand-selected from the world’s oldest growing area and combined with a complex selection of malts including two-row Pale, Munich and Caramel to create a rich and satisfying brew. This dark beer has a big, malty character that is combined with the subtle sweetness of chocolate. Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock was aged on a bed of cocoa nibs to create its unique layers of flavor. As the beer matured, the fruity, tart, earthy and chocolate aromas were released into the liquid to give the brew a complex, full -bodied taste with a velvety finish. A hint of vanilla was added to meld the symphony of flavors together.

Commercial Description: Brewing

Chocolate Bock is brewed, fermented and then Krausened. The beer is then aged, in a process similar to dry hopping, on a bed of rare dark cocoa nibs. The wild cocoa nibs, a primary ingredient in chocolate, impart an aroma and flavor of fine chocolate to the beer. A small amount of vanilla, also used in production of chocolate, is added. This combination of flavors results in a malty, chocolaty and wonderfully complex bock beer.

Article published on  Sam Adams unveils chocolate dessert beer
(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

Move over, eggnog. Boston Beer Co., the local outfit known for its Samuel Adams brand of brews, thinks that chocolate beer will be the ideal choice for toasting holiday cheer – and the perfect chaser for washing down all that Christmas fruit cake.

For the holiday season, Boston Beer is offering Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock. Ingredients include Grand Cru Sauvage, a chocolate made from uncultivated cacao beans found in the rain forests of Bolivia, according to a Boston Beer press release.

“Brewing Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock with Cru Sauvage cacao nips creates a dark, decadent beer with a big, malty character, complex full-body taste and velvety finish,” the company said in the press release. “Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock is the perfect accompaniment to any holiday meal or can simply be enjoyed on its own as a dessert.”

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