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The Pheonix reviews the Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ

In October, we posted an update for the Roadhouse Craft Beer & BBQ in Brookline. Use this link if you forget… Roadhouse-Craft-Beer-BBQ-in-Brookline

Well, Robert Nadeau of the Pheonix just posted a review:

Roadhouse Craft Beer & BBQ

So, about the long-awaited Roadhouse Craft Beer & BBQ, sister restaurant to the popular Publick House, which has finally been rebuilt, licensed, and is now open. The 40 draft beers — mostly American — are outstanding. And service is pretty good; noise only becomes problematic on weekends. They even deep-fry baby-back ribs ($9) — it doesn’t get any more extreme than that.

The article goes on to discuss the good and the bad things that he experienced. Check it out. If you have visited and please add a comment and share your opinions.


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