Get signed up for IPA BEERRRRR Maddddddnessssss

The brewing news is hosting an IPA March Madness. Just like the tournament of college hoops, we don’t get to “play” the game, but we can follow along and pick who we think will win. I’ve never joined in this madness, until now.

Here are some of the New England Breweries getting into the action:

* Gardner Ale House – Facelift IPA  (going up against the Avery India Pale Ale in the first round)
* Smuttynose – Finest Kind IPA (going up against Devil’s Peak IPA)
* Cape Ann Brewing Company – Fisherman’s IPA (going up against Pearl Street Grille and Brewery - Saber’s Edge)
* Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company – 21 IPA (going up against New Holland Brewing Co. – Mad Hatter IPA)
* Harpoon Brewing – Harpoon IPA   (going up against Gella’s Diner and Lb Brewing Co. – No 24 IPA)
* Magic Hat Brewing Co. – HI.PA (going up against  Ithaca Beer Company – CascaZilla IPA)
* Cambridge House Brew Pub – Cambridge House IPA (going up against Dark Horse – Crooked Tree IPA)
* Watch City Brewing Company – Hop Explostion IPA (going up against Full Sail IPA)
* Mercury Brewing Co – Ipswich IPA (going up against Ohio Brewing – O’Hoppy ale)
* Redhook Ale Brewery – Long Hammer IPA (going up against Laurelwood Brewing Co.  – Workhorse IPA)
* Willimantic Brewing Company – Millinium IPA (going up against Moylands – Nor Cal IPA)
* Mercury Brewing Company – Stone Cat IPA (going up against Stone IPA)
* Long Trail Brewing Company – Traditional IPA (going up against Nebraska Brewing IPA)

I’m quite impressed by the selection of IPA from New England. 

If you’ve signed up, please come back here and let us know who you picked the final four to be. If you can pick all of the winners, this might be the easiest case of beer that you’ve ever earned.


Drink Craft Beer, You’ve Earned It!!

Join us in celebrating March Madness with a single elimination bracket of 64 IPAs from across the nation going “head to head” to see who has biggest cone-jones! The National IPA Championship (NIPAC) starts with the preliminary round on February 22rd in Syracuse, New York; and then continues weekly up until the Final Four on March 21 in New York City.

Enter your prediction of each round on-line at to qualify for the 2008 NIPAC Winners Contest. Visit our on-line Locker Room for full descriptions of each of the IPA competitors. After confirming your age, you will then be able to review the beers and then proceed to our on-line contest. The Locker Room is a long page (64 IPA’s), but includes vital information for you to make your picks. The deadline for your picks is Midnight, Saturday, February 21, 2009.

Want to know if your favorite IPAs advance to the next level? Follow their progress on-line using the link provided in the Locker Room. NIPAC winners are posted to the web site within 24 hours of each round. Be sure to subscribe to our Beer Brackets email newsletter so that we can notify you the moment the results are posted.

We’ve posted a PDF Bracket to the site as well: Print a bracket sheet to put in your office, beer bar, homebrew shop…anywhere! Get hopped up – join the fun on your own, or in an office or bar pool!

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