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BEER Profile: Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier

Beer of the Month for June 2009 is the Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier.   We have mentioned this beer before.  It was the winner of Samuel Adams Beer Lovers Choice, beating out the coffee Stout.

If you have tried it, please let us know what you think.


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Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier

A flavorful beer with a smooth finish that’s both sweet and tart.

The blackberries used in Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier are sourced from family farms, located at the foot of the Oregon Trail and Cascade Mountains in Western Oregon, where they have been growing some of the best blackberries in the world for centuries. They deliver a subtle sweetness that balances the traditional citrus flavors from the witbier. By bringing the blackberries, orange and coriander together with an appealing malt character and a spiciness from the hops, we’ve brewed a flavorful beer with a smooth finish that’s both sweet and tart.

  • I am enjoying one as I type. I saw it at the grocery store and decided to give it a whirl. I usually do not like to “fruit the beer” as it were, but this is nice. The taste is smooth with a hint of orange, and the blackberry aftertaste is subtle and not overwhelming. Now, this is definitely a “treat” beer and not one I could consume regularly. It does, however, lend itself to be a “beer between beers”. All in all, very enjoyable.

  • David

    I am enjoying one as well. I had my first Blackberry witbier last night after work and it tasted like candy. I actually thought about it several times today and made sure my fellow beer aficionados were aware of its existance. I samples it in the brewers sample pack but i will be going to my local beer store to see if i can locate it in 6pack. Great beer!!

  • nigger lucas

    this beer is awesome!! easy drinking / very palatable. Great flavor and not heavy. Session beer. Even after a number of them the fruit taste doesnt overwhelm. One of my favorites from SA !

  • Tom

    I had it first last year – 2008. I just opened up a bottle from the 2009 batch (purchased December 4th, 2009) and it seems to have lost its fruitiness. I was pleasantly surprised last year. It really was delicious. This year’s batch seems to be less robust, and much less fruity. I’m actually on my way to the Sam Adams site to leave them a note.

  • Peter

    Just took the first sip of a blackberry, and was not impressed. I let my girlfriend try some and her face was of disgust. It isnt a terrible beer. I do enjoy the color and sweet smell, but just not the style to get up and order another one.

  • MC

    Not too bad of a beer. It’s not overwhelmingly fruity, but at the same time, it’s kind of tough to detect the smoothness of a wheat beer, but it is there. It’s a nice to beer to have for desert actually. Doesn’t exactly pair well with any foods. A bit of a metallic taste to it. However, it is smooth and it is kind of fun to drink a beer with a few different flavors within it. I got it in the variety pack, and there’s a possibility I may purchase a 6 pack someday.

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