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Article: Brewing Change: Why Craft Beer Makers Go Green


The following is a snippet from Wend Magazine; an article on green brewing

From craft beer giants like New Belgium, which shipped 140,000 barrels of beer last year, to small brewpubs like the Fort George Brewery and Public House in Astoria, Oregon, an overwhelming number of craft brewers choose to embrace green technology to run their businesses.

“I think part of it is that you’re bringing people with a discerning palette into an industry that is very particular, which brings a mindset to production,” says Jamie Emmerson, Brewmaster of Full Sail, which in June was named one of the “100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon” by Oregon Business magazine. “People who are focused on good quality are also focused on good quality of life.”

Making beer is a naturally organic process, and before highways made it possible to order from across the country or even overseas, brewers had no choice but to seek out the freshest local ingredients. But maintaining a sustainable modern-day brewery involves more than just buying local. Eco-friendly brewers are aware of everything from the type of energy used to power their operation, to the materials used to build the brewery, to how they dispose of waste.

Read the rest of the article here.

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