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Homebrewing: Winners of the NERHBC have been announced

NERHBC logo 4th Annual NERHBC (New England Regional Homebrew Competition) took place on October 24th 2009 in Portland-Maine. The New England Regional Homebrew Competition continues to grow every year. In 2008, over 290 entries, from 20 states were entered, and we were able to raise $2,200 for the American Cancer Society.

In 2009, 343 entries were sampled by 52 judges/stewards signed up to help run the competition. A BJCP & AHA Registered/Sanctioned event and judging all 28 BJCP styles for this competition, using the 2008 BJCP style guidelines.

This year’s competition was sponsored by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, The Shed, Willie’s Ale Room, Sam Adams, Maine Meed Workers and Woodchuck Draft Cider.

Congratulations to those who entered.


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Congratulations to the best of show winners:

Winner Location Category Place
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry, NH 25C – Melomel 1
John Allin Bethlehem, NH 17 F – Fruit Lambic 2
Matt Rodrigues Cranston, RI 21B – Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer 3
Eric Morse Center Sandwich, NH 13E – American Stout HM

Brewer of the Year – Rob North,  Manchester,NH

Meadmaker of the Year – Michael Fairbrother, Londonderry,NH

Cidermaker of the Year – Joshua Persson, Warwick,RI

Table 1 – Premium American, Munich Helles, Dortmunder (6 Entries)
Rob North Manchester,NH 1E Dortmunder Export 1
Steve Murray Bar Harbor,ME 1D Munich Helles 2
Table 2 – Pilsner (4 Entries)
Rob North Manchester,NH 2A German Pilsner 1
Jody Rockhill atertown,Ct 2B Bohemian Pilsner 2
Keith Antul Worcester,MA German Pilsner 2A German Pilsner 3
Tim & Danielle Broderick South Hamilton,MA Czech Pilsner 2B Bohemian Pilsner HM
Table 3 – Vienna & Oktoberfest (17 Entries)
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH Octoberfest 3B Oktoberfest 1
Kevin George Needham,MA 3A Vienna Lager 2
Robert Metcalf Jr Bolton,Ct Rob\’s Oktoberfest 3B Oktoberfest 3
Table 4 – Dunkel, Schwarzbier (6 Entries)
Rob North Manchester,NH 4B Munich Dunkel 1
Christopher Tkach Charlestown,MA 4B Munich Dunkel 2
Jody Rockhill Watertown,Ct 4C Schwarzbier 3
Table 5 – Bock, Doppelbock, Eisbock (7 Entries)
Rob North Manchester,NH 5C Doppelbock 1
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH Elder Intoxicator Doppelbock 5C Doppelbock 2
Bill Rucker Somersworth,NH Doppelbock 5C Doppelbock 3
michael holland guildhall,vt 5B Traditional Bock HM
Table 6 – Light Hybrid (18 Entries)
Jeff Fuller Middleborough,MA Constitution Kolsch 6C Koelsch 1
Keith Antul Worcester,MA Cream Ale 6A Cream Ale 2
Michael Minervini Kennebunk,Maine 6A Cream Ale 3
Table 7 – Amber Hybrid (11 Entries)
Rob North Manchester,NH 7B California Common Beer 1
Scott Fournier Lyndonville,VT NEK Altbier 7A Northern German Altbier 2
Dave Brush Saint Johnsbury,VT Fairfax Falls Fog Beer 7B California Common Beer 3
Michael Minervini Kennebunk,Maine Tainttown Steamer 7B California Common Beer HM
Table 8 – English Pale Ale (16 Entries)
John Allin Bethlehem,NH 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 1
Jeff Wallace Saunderstown,RI Halfpint Bitter 8A Ordinary Bitter 2
Rick Arguien Manchester,NH Extra Extra Bitter 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 3
George Frame Bristol,NH Beech Street Strong Bitters 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) HM
Table 9 – Scottish and Irish (17 Entries)
George Frame Bristol,NH Nana\’s Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 9E Strong Scotch Ale 1
Todd Perkins & Elisha Allan Merrimack,Nh 9B Scottish 70/- 2
Steve Amey Aurora,OH Loch Thrasher Ale 9C Scottish 80/- 3
michael holland guildhall,vt 9C Scottish 80/- HM
Table 10 – American Ale (14 Entries)
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH American Pale Ale 10A American Pale 1
Steve Murray Bar Harbor,ME 10B American Amber 2
J. R. Oliver Nashua,NH Allied Brown Ale 10C American Brown 3
Table 11 – English Brown Ale (20 Entries)
David Rosenbaum Andover,MA 11B Southern English Brown 1
Dana Bourque Stafford Springs,CT 11C Northern English Brown 2
Alastair Hewitt Wakefield,MA 11A Mild 3
Table 12 – Porter (13 Entries)
Keith Antul Worcester,MA Robust Porter 12B Robust Porter 1
Mike Kalette Stafford Springs,Ct. Wet Dog Porter 12B Robust Porter 2
James Clark Watertown,MA 12C Baltic Porter 3
Table 13 – Stout (16 Entries)
Eric Morse Center Sandwich,NH Ice Harvest Stout 13E American Stout 1
Jonathan Jay Nashua,NH 13F Russian Imperial Stout 2
Dave Brush Saint Johnsbury,VT Bristle Bros. Milk Stout 13B Sweet Stout 3
Table 14 – IPA (28 Entries)
Marc Powell Woodstock,GA The Show 14C Imperial IPA 1
Steven Loignon Shapleigh,Maine Steve\’s IPA 14A English IPA 2
Jerry McMahan Duxbury,Vermont American IPA 14B American IPA 3
Keith Antul Worcester,MA American IPA 14B American IPA HM
Table 15 – German Wheat and Rye (9 Entries)
Jeff Fuller Middleborough,MA Das Boot Dunkelweizen 15B Dunkelweizen 1
Rob North Manchester,NH 15A Weizen 2
Jonathan Jay Nashua,NH 15B Dunkelweizen 3
Table 16 – Belgian and French (22 Entries)
Jeff Fuller Middleborough,MA My Gaarden Witbier 16A Witbier 1
Kevin Farrell Medford,MA 16C Saison 2
John Allin Bethlehem,NH Chamomile Wit 16A Witbier 3
Table 17 – Sour (8 Entries)
John Allin Bethlehem,NH 17F Fruit Lambic 1
John Allin Bethlehem,NH 17B Flanders Red 2
Lee Rutty Cape Elizabeth,ME Framboise 17F Fruit Lambic 3
Lee Rutty Cape Elizabeth,ME Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse 17A Berliner Weisse HM
Table 18 – Belgian Strong (15 Entries)
Steve Schember Arlington,MA 18C Belgian Tripel 1
Alastair Hewitt Wakefield,MA 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Russ Lorber Westminster,MD Merton Dubbel 18B Belgian Dubbel 3
Table 19 – Strong Ale (6 Entries)
Michael Robinson Nottingham,NH 2005 Tsunami American BW 19C American Barleywine 1
Christopher Tkach Charlestown,MA Double Happiness Nuptial Ale 19B English Barleywine 2
Todd Russell Manchester,NH Bill is Old Ale 19A Old Ale 3
Table 20 – Fruit (8 Entries)
James Clark Watertown,MA 20A Fruit Beer 1
Jim Prucha Londondery,NH 133C 20A Fruit Beer 2
Ken & Tracy Hermann Rumford,RI Traberry Ale (Tracy\’s Blueberry Ale) 20A Fruit Beer 3
Table 21 – Spice, Herb, Vegetable (10 Entries)
Matt Rodrigues Cranston,RI 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer 1
Ken & Tracy Hermann Rumford,RI Pumptoberfest 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 2
Thia St.Martin Lunenburg,MA Cardamom Vanilla Porter 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 3
Table 22 – Smoke or Wood-aged (9 Entries)
Andy Nelson Centennial,CO Bourbon Barrel Porter 22C Wood-Aged Beer 1
Russ Lorber Westminster,MD Rauchbock 22B Other Smoked Beer 2
Jody Rockhill atertown,Ct Red Smoky Lager 22B Other Smoked Beer 3
PAUL ZOCCO ANDOVER,CT 22A Classic Rauchbier HM
Table 23 – Specialty (26 Entries)
Jeff Fuller Middleborough,MA Darkness IPA 23A Specialty Beer 1
John Hoover Hillsboro,NH Eis-Bock 23A Specialty Beer 2
Earl Itrich San Diego,CA Jeffree\’s Hunee 23A Specialty Beer 3
Table 24 – Mead (5 Entries)
Steven Loignon & Laurie Richard Shapleigh,Maine Soul of the Sun 24B Semi-sweet Mead 1
Jim Prucha Londondery,NH M3 24A Dry Mead 2
Steven Loignon Shapleigh,Maine Lovers MEAD 24B Semi-sweet Mead 3
Table 25 – Melomel (8 Entries)
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH “Blueberry, Black Cherry, Black Currant” 25C Other Fruit Melomel 1
John Allin Bethlehem,NH Strawberry/Raspberry Mead 25C Other Fruit Melomel 2
Eric Sprague , 25C Other Fruit Melomel 3
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Pyment 2006 25B Pyment HM
Table 26 – Other Mead (11 Entries)
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Buzz Buzz 26C Open Category Mead 1
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Russian Imperial Braggot 26B Braggot 2
Michael Fairbrother Londonderry,NH Ginger 26A Metheglin 3
Bert Bingel Manchster,NH Ginger Snap 26A Metheglin HM
Table 27 – Cider and Perry (6 Entries)
Jim Prucha Londondery,NH C2 27A Common Cider 1
Joshua Persson Warwick,RI Common Cider 27A Common Cider 2
John Allin Bethlehem,NH 27A Common Cider 3
Table 27 – Cider and Perry (6 Entries)
Joshua Persson Warwick,RI Super High Gravity Cider 28D Other Spec. Cider/Perry 1
Michael Fairbrother & BFD Londonderry,NH 28D Other Spec. Cider/Perry 2
Jeff Hunt & Steve Loignon Acton,Maine Hunts New England Cider 28A New England Cider 3
Eric Sprague , 28A New England Cider HM
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