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Brewing News – Global Warming Open – Time to make your bracket

Brewing News - Global Warming Open

Hello Craft Beer Fans! Here we go again, it is time for the Third Annual Global Warming Open!

(from the Brewing News Hop Tips)

Remember the premise: You’re sitting. It’s hot, real hot. The summer has broken all heat records and those chunks of Antarctica that have broken away have pushed water levels so high that you’re surrounded by water. But no chunks of ice.

At first you like the heat; it’s like having your own hot tub. But soon you become uncomfortable. You need to cool down. You need a beer. A beer will help you through this crisis. But which beer goes best with global catastrophe and hot weather? “Steward!” you call. “Assemble the players and let the matches begin!”

Brewing News is proud to present the 2010 Global Warming Open, a contest pitting refreshing summer beers against one another to determine the most refreshing beer in America. Like the springtime National IPA Championships, participating summer beers from across the nation were randomly chosen for a 1:1 single elimination bracket tournament. Winners of the first round will advance to the next.

At the same time, beer lovers like you can choose the winners for each round on-line! A grand prize will be awarded to the reader who predicts the most correct GWO brackets. The top prize will be a free case of the 2010 Global Warming Open Champion beer.

The complete summer beer tournament bracket has been posted on-line. Join us for what will be one of the most fun events this summer! See the field in the locker room and then make your predictions today at .

Be sure to make your picks by this Sunday, June 13 at Noon EST! Don’t forget to make sure your picks are complete…unfinished brackets don’t score very well!

This message is being sent as a courtesy to all Brewing News hop tips subscribers. Be sure to sign up for “Beer Brackets” updates (this is a list option within your preferences below). Make that change to receive updates when each round is completed and to follow the action until a GWO Champion is crowned!

Good luck!

01 New Holland Brewing Co. Golden Cap Saison
02 Big Sky Brewing Summer Honey
03 The Lost Abbey Carnevale
04 Michigan Brewing Company Mackinac Pale Ale
05 Terrapin Beer Co. Sunray Wheat
06 Empire Brewing White Aphro Belgian Style Wit
07 Chelsea Brewing Checker Cab Blonde Ale
08 Lost Coast Brewery Tangerine Wheat
09 Eel River Brewing Acai Berry Wheat
10 The Brew Kettle Production Works Spalt Bomb Pils
11 Empire Brewing Co Empire Summer Ale
12 The Brew Kettle Production Works Erie Gold
13 Full Sail Brewing Full Sail LTD 03
14 Lawson’s Finest Liquids Weiss-K
15 SweetWater Blue
16 Horseheads Brewing Christmas Ale
17 Red Brick-Atlanta Brewing Red Brick Summer Brew
18 Thomas Creek Brewery Stillwater Vanilla Cream Ale
19 Bayhawk Ales Bayhawk Honey Blonde
20 Mad Anthony Brewing Summer Daze Wheat
21 Haverhill Brewery Beerstand Berlinerweiss
22 Lost Coast Brewery Great White
23 Michigan Brewing Celis White
24 F.X. Matt Brewing Saranac Summer Brew
25 Heavy Seas / Clipper City Heavy Seas Pale Ale
26 Boulder Beer Sweaty Betty Blonde
27 Red Brick -Atlanta Brewing Red Brick Pale Ale
28 Fremont Brewing Summer Solstice
29 Deschutes Brewery Twilight Ale
30 Willimantic Brewing Workingman’s Wheat
31 Fat Heads Brewery Head Hunter IPA
32 Custom BrewCrafters Razz
33 Starr Hill LUCY
34 Goose Island Beer Summertime Kolsch
35 Voodoo Brewery Pilzilla
36 SweetWater Brewing Road Trip
37 Eel River Brewing California Blonde Ale
38 Bayhawk Ales Faux Pils
39 SweetWater Brewing 420 Extra Pale Ale
40 Lakefront Brewery, Inc. Wheat Monkey Ale
41 Ithaca Beer Partly Sunny
42 Chelsea Brewing Summer Solstice Wheat
43 Pearl Street Grill & Brewery Lune’ d’Bleu
44 Full Sail Brewing Session Premium Lager
45 Fat Heads Brewery Bumbleberry Ale
46 Boston Beer Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat
47 Fire Island Beer Fire Island Lighthouse Ale
48 Dark Horse Brewing Raspberry Ale
49 SweetWater Brewing Sch’Wheat
50 John Harvard’s Brew House Zoe’s Belgian Wit
51 Bayhawk Ales Bayhawk HefeWeizen
52 Horseheads Brewing Peach Wheat Beer
53 Harpoon Brewery Belgian Pale Ale
54 Michigan Brewing Wheatland Wheat
55 Terrapin Beer Golden Ale
56 Heavy Seas / Clipper City Heavy Seas Gold Ale
57 Michigan Brewing American Lager
58 Harpoon Brewery Summer Beer
59 Mad River Brewing Steelhead Extra Pale Ale
60 Copper Canyon Brewery Summerzest
61 Pike Brewing Pike Dry Wit
62 Boston Beer Samuel Adams Summer Ale
63 Pearl Street Grill & Brewery Summer Lager
64 Ithaca Beer Brute
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