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HOMEBREWING ALERT – Brew camp – Ipswich MA – 11/7 (MA)

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North Shore Brewers – November Beer Camp

When: Sunday November 7th, 2010
Where: Mercury Brewery – Ipswich, MA
When: 10:00

If you are a homebrewer or you are interested in becoming a homebrewer, come visit the North Shore Brewers on Sunday November 7th. Learn how to brew and/or share your brewing technics with others. The idea of the brew camp is to collaborate with other home brewers, while brewing your own beer.

This brew camp is part of the National Learn to homebrew day. Learn to Homebrew Day (formerly known as Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day) was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to enable people interested in beer and homebrewing to learn how to brew. Learn to Homebrew Day occurs annually on the first weekend in November, when homebrewers around the world are encouraged to learn how to brew or teach someone how to brew.

We will get started around 10am and when everyone is finished we will call it a day. There will be a grill, and everyone is encouraged to bring their homebrew and food to share. It’s a great way to check out the process if you’ve never brewed.

North Shore Brewers club:
American Homebrewers Association:

Mercury Brewing Co.
23 Hayward St
Ipswich, MA 01938
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  • I tried my first batch a week ago and it actually is not that hard. Reading the instructions can make it sound intimidating but just start and it all falls into place. Plus when you go to buy the ingredients from a beer supply store they are super helpful and can answer any questions you may have, some even have the facilities to brew beer at the store for some extra money…

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