HOMEBREW – Thanksgiving Harvest Fest Competition (MA)

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Homebrew Competition – You Can Do It!

Submission deadline November 9, Wednesday

Start Brewing or submit something you have hiding away!

Winners announced at the Thanksgiving Harvest Festival at Red Apple Farm on Sunday, November 21 around 1 PM. Lots of great food and music and we’ll be announcing competition winners there on Sunday.

See you there!

(from Rick Walton)
Long, long ago, in a basement far away, a not too old man would spend some nights conjuring brews and maybe drinking a few. As he did so, he would dream about a brew place he might build in a small town not too far away. He had to. His basement was otherworldly, some might call it man town, but really it was a humble brewery. In this man’s house, gatherings always had two locations, the kitchen and the basement. The basement gathering was concerned only with beer and beer topics. “Open that brewpub they would say. You know you have to do it.” In a sense, it had already happened – the brewpub – and needed only to be manifested in brick, tanks and people. In this otherworldly basement the religion was comradery and beer; everyone was a believer.

The noble art of home brewing is, at least to me, a bit revolutionary. It’s counter culture, a little ‘bad’ if you will. When I was home brewing, there was a 100-gallon annual limit on the beer one could brew at home. Like I counted. Please. I know I would’ve been a moonshiner back in the day. And I wouldn’t get caught. (My favorite lullaby is Moonshine Lullaby from Annie Get Your Gun. My kids know it well.) When we brewers do our thing, we are in love. It is romantic. And anyone who might try to break that love apart, prohibit, modify or reduce what we do, well that person would quickly learn the meaning of “stick in hornets’ nest”. Brewers remember prohibition with disdain and we scoff at temperance. A man or woman brewing is an island nation, a strong nation, a nation at peace.

Our home brew competition is in its third year. Think you might like to try?

For more info about the competition, click here.


Hope to see you there (I’m a judge).



p.s.  I love the words from Rick Walton.  When Rick Riley left SI, I was quite sad, but Rick Walton is filling the void.  I really appreciate the words from Mr Walton.  He might not know it, but Mr Walton is one of my Beerinspirations.  Yes, I just coined a new word!!

Here is one of my fav pics:
Rick Walton - Gardner Ale House

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