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Beer Advent Calendar – Day 21: Beer presented by Chris Drapeau


Beer Advent Calendar – Day 21: Beer presented by Chris Drapeau

To celebrate the Holiday Season, and have teamed up with beer bloggers around the country to host the second annual beer bloggers advent calendar. This is the season of sharing and we intend to share our love of beer with you. 31 Bloggers Blogging – click here for the running list of beers/bloggers.

Let’s see who is spreading holiday cheer today!

Blogger: Chris Drapeau
Blog Name: 2beerguys
Twitter/Facebook/Untappd: @TWBDrapeau / / twbdrapeau
Beer: La Fin du Monde
Brewery: Unibroue
Beer Details:

  • Style: Tripel
  • ABV: 9%
  • IBUs: 19

Commercial Description:
The excellence of tripel fermentation through a blend of special yeasts gives this malt beverage La Fin du Monde (The End of the World) an exquisitely robust flavour of exceptional refinement.

Why I selected the La Fin du Monde (The End of the World)
I chose this beer because today is the end of the world apparently…but if you’re reading this…I guess not! We should promise ourselves in this “new beggining” to be kind and generous to one another, as well as ourselves.  You can start by treating yourself to beers like this.  Sean Jansen and I talked over a few brew ideas for this advent calendar and he mentioned this gem from Unibroue and how fitting it would be for the end of days.

I first had this beer nearly 8 years ago and I HATED it…of course that was before my palate was as advanced as it is now.  I was in Montreal with my brother Nate and some friends for new years eve and we bought a 6 pack to drink before we hit the town.  Between 5 people…one of six was just barely fully consumed and the ¾ of another was poured down the toilet…what a shame. I brought one home and I still have it somewhere I believe.

Now as I sit here 8 years later with a bottle of this tripel with the proper glassware and a ever growing palate for craft, I must say I’m glad i revisited this great beer.  The aroma of fruit and spice as well as the beautiful hazy golden appearance are just the beginning.  This tripel has very strong yeast character and a very well hidden alcohol content.  Amazing clove notes give way to a classic and palate clearing dry finish.  All Unibroue beers I’ve had come with a large window of opportunity with food pairing and this one follows suit. Though not classified as a winter/holiday beer I would recommend this with ANY holiday feast as it has very many unique characteristics to pair with just about anything.

Cheers! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy APOCALYPSE!

About the Chris Drapeau:
I play lead guitar for the international heavy metal touring outfit Thy Will Be Done (@TWBD/ and I’m a craft beer enthusiast with a great opportunity to voice my beer love and knowledge on 2 beer guys! Stay BREWtal !


About Unibroue:
From the very beginning, Unibroue has carved out a special niche in the beer world with top quality products and a brand rooted deep in Quebec culture. It made history by becoming the first North American beer maker to use a brewing method inspired by the two-centuries-old tradition developed by Trappist monks in Europe—particularly in Belgium. Over the years, Unibroue has remained faithful to its origins even as it has grown to become an icon of the brewing world. Unibroue products take you on a journey filled with legends and fabulous tales.

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