Slumbrew: A unified body of individuals

Webster defines Community as ‘a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood), a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc., a group of nations.’ My favorite, community:  a unified body of individuals. Slumbrew embodies this definition.

I have enjoyed beers in Jeff and Caitlin’s back yard, at festivals, beer tastings and at both of their new facilities, American Fresh Assembly Row and Boynton Brewery. With each experience my take away is always an overall sense of belonging. Jeff and Caitlin work hard at creating this amazing community vibe all the while making it look effortless.

Jeff and Amber enjoying conversation over a Slumbrew

Jeff & Caitlin toasting to the Slumbrew Community @Slumbrew

Matty always works hard to take care of Slumbrew patrons @Slumbrewmatty

The ever fabulous Slumbassador Sarah @pinkshoe & Operations and Inventory Manager Adam @Slumbrewadam

Slumbrewians getting cozy at the new brewery…


Sean @2beerguys & his parents Don and Peg enjoying and afternoon at American Fresh Assembly Row

I spend much of my time with people of the craft beer community. They are an intelligent, creative and genuine group of people who all share the same passion. Slumbrew is just one of the many breweries that I believe truly make an impact on our society. They not only create a great product but in their own special way add just a bit more flavor to our ever growing community of craft beer.

All @festpics photos were generously lent to this blog post by the amazing Mike Johnson. Follow him on twitter and facebook and make sure to hire him for all your photography needs!

Peace, love and beer


That’s me running the Cambridge Craicfest 5K for team Happy Soles, Slumbrew’s running group. One more way Jeff and Caitlin bring people together!





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