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MOVIE: Beer. A Love Story.

The 2020 Virtual Beer Now Conference will be concluding the online conference with a movie on Saturday – Beer. A Love Story. Yes, it’s only the first day and I’m already thinking about the conclusion — BUT sharing this information so YOU don’t miss out!

For anyone that knows me, I love movies — and I search out different beer movies every year to feature them during #PortsmouthBeerWeek. We’ve discovered some great movies to share with our beer community.


It’s been a while, but the a beer movie has been featured during the BeerNow conference before (I believe that this is the second movie feature).

The Love of Beer Movie

The first movie feature premiered at the second Beer Bloggers Conference, held in Portland, Oregon. We were lucky to be in town when “For the Love of Beer’ premiere. The Love of Beer Movie features women in the Pacific Northwest beer scene (i.e brewer, pub/bar owner, etc..) and what their daily lives are like. Great movie. Check it out:


Now back to the main event, Beer. A Love Story.

A film about the art of brewing, about strong-minded brewers who want to create the best beer in the world and by doing so challenge how Big Beer has been running the industry for decades.

Check out the trailer for the “Beer. A Love Story” movie.

Note: If you sign up for the FREE conference, you are invited to participate in the Q/A panel on Saturday and will have the option to watch the movie prior to the Q/A panel.

Check it out and register today!

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