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Beer Advent Calendar – Day 8: St Bernardus Christmas presented by Brandon Carder

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To celebrate the Holiday Season, and have teamed up with beer bloggers around the country to host the third annual beer bloggers advent calendar. This is the season of sharing and we intend to share our love of beer with you.  31 Bloggers Bloggingclick here for the running list of beers/bloggers.

Let’s see who is spreading holiday cheer today!

Blogger: Brandon Carder
Blog Name: Google+ New England Craft Beer Community
Twitter/Facebook/Untappd: BCBrewandCue
Beer: St. Bernardus Christmas
Brewery: Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV

Beer Details:

  • Style: Quadruple
  • ABV: 10%

Commercial Description:
St. Bernardus Christmas Ale is the youngest descendant in the illustrious family of delicious Abbey Ales by Brewery St. Bernardus. This specialty beer of 10% alc. vol. is characterized by its deep dark colour, with a creamy, thick head and a full, almost velvety taste with a fruity nose. It’s a seasonal ale, brewed annually for the holiday season. The long winter nights are perfect moments to savour this ale with or without friends and to enjoy its unique, complex taste and after-taste.


Why I selected St. Bernardus Christmas Ale:

I selected this beer because it is one of the few beers I truly look forward to during the Christmas season. A very complex Belgian Quad is truly a winter treat. One of the few beers that truly delivers year after year. This brewery is known for its ABT series, but its Christmas beer is very sought after.

Aroma: Spicy. Fig, raisins, even bananas. Belgian yeast, roasted malts.
Appearance: Deep brown, reddish hues, very cloudy. Long lasting egg-shell white head. Dense froth.
Flavor: Cherries up front, banana finish. After a while you taste dark fruits. Amazing balance of belgian yeast with the complex spices and fruits. Crisp, clean finish. Your mouth yearns more immediately.
Mouthfeel: full, effervescent, but relatively dry. Enjoyable.

About Google+ New England Craft Beer:

The New England Craft Beer Community on Google+ is designed for talking Craft Beer in New England. The majority of discussions are based around New England and the beer scene here. Members do not need to be from New England, per se. We will discuss New England breweries, beers, festivals, and whatever else beer-related that comes to mind.

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About Brewery St.Bernard:
Brewery St.Bernard brews dark and blond abbey ales since 1946. All our beers are brewed with our own yeast, malts of the highest quality and hops from our own hopfield right next to the brewery.

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